• A Daily Dose of Bliss

    Somehow, in the span of eight weeks, I never managed to catch one single trout. And I attempted. Daily.

  • Family Bonding on Moose River

    Frigid crisp September winds floated over the river causing the water to dance with each gust. The sun peaked...

  • Passing it On

    Pre-dawn cold, dew on the canoe, no rain today? Wisps of fog dancing on the mirror, eastern sky orange, pink. Silence...

  • Forests to the Heavens

    Dulled senses came alive paddling Allagash Wilderness Waterway; one of the most exciting adventures of my life.

  • Chesuncook

    We were following the West Branch Penobscot River, which meant paddling sixteen miles of Chesuncook Lake.

  • Father & Son Adventures

    Complete solitude is hard to come by these days but on the Machias River my dad and I found exactly that...

  • Still Single

    It was our first date. I had borrowed the canoe from my brother and was going to wow him with my keenly honed...

  • Coves Island

    I will never forget the day we discovered Coves Island. Jesse, Kieran, Jon and I paddled our canoe along the rocky shore.

  • Lost in the Fog

    It was early October and we were camping two nights on Lobster Lake for our canoe adventure in the Maine North Woods.

  • The East Branch of the Penobscot

    East Branch Penobscot. I bought a Disco 169 red. I still have her today. Water was high and fast.

  • A Canoe, A Friend and His Tree Stand

    As I rounded the corner in my canoe, Mike signaled me from his tree, there is a buck bedded down...