A Proud Heritage

History tells us that the Maine Woods have always attracted people—some trying to carve a living from its tall timber, others seeking to  connect with its restorative powers. Native peoples, captains of industry, immigrants, philosophers, artists and sportsman The secret of the Maine Woods is that they are simultaneously calming and exhilarating, just as swiftly running streams pair themselves with deep, cold, still ponds.

The Maine Woods Call to Everyone.

For some, the woods seem less a real place and more an idea. Many others use the woods as a place to live and to make a living.  For generations of others they have been a place to be enjoyed and explored for adventure and recreation. Anglers, hikers, hunters– those who once came by horse cart or steamer or train now arrive in more modern vehicles filled with gear for enjoying their forest adventure—the canvas and wood tents and heavy equipment of old has been replaced with ultralight, highly technical but stronger materials.

While the methods for getting here and tools used to enjoy the woods have changed through time, the intent remains the same: to reconnect, refresh, replenish, re-engage; to explore, hunt for, or find “something.” The journey into the Maine Woods is now enjoyed by more visitors than ever before and with a little bit more style. “Roughing it” is no longer a requirement for enjoyment of the Maine Woods.

The Maine Woods: An Ideal Destination for Retreat, for Rejuvenation.

If the restorative power of nature is what you seek, you have certainly come to the right place. And no matter what your style of travel, you will find your place here. From rustic and traditional log cabins with plush accommodations and striking views to deep woods sporting camps or lodges accessible only by hike, canoe or sled. Don’t see what you like, just ask, we’ll point you in the right direction. Or if you need a guide, we can help there too.

The Maine Guide has a rich history stretching back over 100 years. With their help your experience here, your adventure into the woods, will be made all the more memorable. Local guides will help you learn to fly fish, track wildlife-even our elusive moose, summit Mt. Katahdin or paddle the Allagash or the Dead.

The history and heritage of the Maine Woods are a thinly veiled reflection of the times. Time marches along and so do things in the woods. But there are still places here that remain unchanged even now, 10,000 years since native peoples first fished our rivers or in the much smaller duration of the 150 years that have passed since Henry David Thoreau put pen to paper inviting all of the world into our secret place. Come see and make your own Maine Woods discovery.