• Paddling


    Canoe? kayak? Tough choice considering the numerous bodies of water throughout the Maine Woods; we say “try both!”

  • Hiking


    There’s no better way to explore the woods than on foot. All you need are strong boots, water and thirst for adventure.

  • Rafting


    Come enjoy whitewater thrills. Adventure awaits on the Kennebec, Dead or Penobscot Rivers. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Wildlife Watching

    Wildlife Watching

    Prepare yourself for a close encounter with moose or a family of beavers. Foxes, bears, eagles. This is truly wild stuff.

  • Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking

    The living forested landscape envelopes you. Travel at high speeds through untouched woods or along well-traveled paths.

  • Fishing


    From Grand Lake Stream to remote ponds feeding the Kennebec and Penobscot; come fish these woods all year round.

  • Bird Watching Loon


    Numerous northern and boreal species thrive in the hardwood forests of the Maine Woods offering vast opportunities for birders.

  • White Tail Buck in Winter Woods

    Deer, Bird & Moose Hunting

    Our guides learned their craft from generations of the skilled hunters to provide the best chance for a successful hunt.

  • Snowmobiling


    There is no better way to cover hundreds of miles of snow covered trails, lofty mountains and frozen lakes than aboard a snowmobile.

  • Dog Sledding

    Dog Sledding

    Woodland silence broken only by the sounds of dogs traveling across the snowpack. This is Maine tradition brought to life.

  • Snowshoeing


    Something beyond description connects you to nature when you strap on snowshoes and head out into the woods. You’ll see.

  • Nordic Skiing

    Nordic Skiing

    In Maine snow comes early and stays until well into springtime. For nordic skiers, the Maine Woods are virtually paradise.

  • Activities

    There are about a million things you can do in the woods, so we've perfected the best ones, just for you...