Allagash River Trip

The Allagash Waterway remains one of, if not the last wilderness areas in the east. For many it is the pinnacle of paddling and for many others it is a yearly planned visit. Key word there: planned. There are many successful ways to take on a waterway like the Allagash, and each will allow you the ability to have stories that last a lifetime. But nothing good will happen if you don’t take the time, ahead of the journey to put a plan in place.

Ranging from what you plan to bring to who you want to come with you, to how long you are prepared  for being away from the real world, the successful Allagash Wilderness River Trip can be made or lost before your paddle ever touches the water. Or if you want someone else to take care of it for you, a few of our partner-providers are Mahoosuc Guide Service and Allagash Canoe Trips.

From a ten-day end-to-end journey to a lifetime, or just 3 or 4 days from the halfway point at Churchill Dam you must count on the fax that it takes everyone a little time to ease into the idea that wilderness truly means wilderness. No stores. No Phones. No one else out there but you. Day one might involve a few heavy breathing exercises to cope with this idea. So part of your trip preparation should be gaining an understanding of your own capacity to camp and then camp with a canoe added into the equation.

First timers should probably go with someone more experienced, in fact there are a number of services through Maine Woods Discovery listed below that can help you plan and accompany you on your journey. Not only will the guide make the trip more fun by adding color and support, they also know the trip, call it a little bit of insurance. They will also become part of the planning, helping you bring the right stuff for your trip. Using guides from Allagash Canoe Trips or Mahoosuc Guide Service can be a big help with an undertaking like this.

The full length of the waterway runs 92 miles and along the way there are virtually no signs of human civilization. A nice treat for those who want to disconnect, or connect, depending on how you look at it.

So take the time to do your homework, learn about the waterway, make sure it is the trip for you, be ready to take on all that the north Maine wood has for you to discover (both good and bad) and trust that our Maine Woods Discovery providers will be able to help you plan the best and most memorable journey down this unbelievable waterway and wilderness area.

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