Appalachian Mountain Club

Experience the Maine Woods with AMC Maine Wilderness Lodge your base camp. Spend time up close  to all that Maine’s beautiful and wild places have to offer while still enjoying a superior level of comfort. Take time to hike a mountain summit. Indulge yourself with the solitude that comes with hours of back-country skiing. Or simply lose yourself while fly fishing in a remote, private pond. You can do everything you want, including  nothing at all. All at your own pace.
With a stay at their lodge-to-lodge network — spread out through Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness — you will become part of AMC’s most significant investment in its aim to protect these special places. Spend time in just one or visit all of the lodges in the network as you experience the pristine beauty of the Maine woods, finding spiritual renewal and a greater appreciation of the natural world.Appalachian Mountain Club

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