Dog Sled Adventure

Welcome to the Maine backcountry. Here you can have the opportunity of a lifetime as you mush a dogsled team of huskies across our beautiful winter landscape. Regardless of your level of experience our Maine Woods Discovery providers can customize a trip that will fit your experience and comfort. As a team member you will come to have a clear understanding of the power and grace contained within these magnificent huskies. The feel of the sled as it glides over the snowpack and the connection that’s fostered between driver and dogs leaves a lasting impression.

Our providers offer all manner of trips. From a hands-on experience with a quick immersion (half-day) or the longer lasting multi-day excursion our highly experienced providers will strive to help you have a “dream come true” experience.

Every dogsledding adventure is lead by one of the owners of the business, so you know you get an authentic and often hand’s-on

experience.From the first mush to the last crackle of the evening’s firelight under the stars, these adventures are educational, exhilarating and safe.

The short ½ day and full day trips give people a chance to see the incredible winter beauty that encompasses this region.  The longer lasting multi-day excursions are highlighted by stay’s a local sporting camps or under the stars in warm tents, enjoying the camaraderie and hospitality of your hosts. Enjoy a hearty well earned meal following a days work.

There truly are no experiences in the world that compare to the connection and bond you will feel with nature once you complete your dogsled adventure. And we promise, you will return again for another journey.

Providers offering Dog Sled Adventures:

Mahoosuc Guide Service