Dog Sledding

The silence of the woods will be broken only by the yipping and pawing of the dogs across the snowpack, you look skyward through the heavy cover of snow-coated spruce to spot streams of light pouring through the branches.

A traditional adventure – limited only by your imagination.

This is Maine sporting tradition come to life. There may not be another sport in Maine that connects man and nature like that of dog sledding. The sled, dogs and driver become one, taking the passenger to deep and remote locations in the woods; away from all the trappings of modernity. A pure escape and one that so few of us can or will ever be able to undertake. The starlit skies illuminate nightly meals, sleep in the warm bed of a full-service lodge or as was meant to be in a thick canvas tent out in the wilderness. All the choices are yours to make. The extent of the adventure is limited only by your imagination.

These cold and beautiful landscapes will fill you with the spirit of adventure and give you memorable stories to share for years as you journey out into the beautiful, forested and mountainous western Maine. Our endorsed providers know the woods and lakes of this land well; and whether you choose a day trip adventure, take time to learn how to mush and take command of a sled, or go on a longer multi-day adventure they are prepared to build your dream trip.

Providers offering Dog Sledding:

This Maine Woods Discovery providers offer dogsledding activities. We encourage you to contact them directly for more information on the different kinds of dogsled activities: from day trips and classes on sled driving to multi-day excursions deep into the wilderness.

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