• Paddling

    Thoreau Canoe Trips: Traveling of the old heroic kind

    Celebrate the classic tale of exploration The Maine Woods where Thoreau travelled heroically, now it's your turn.

  • Allagash River Trip with Dog

    Allagash River Trip

    Explorers of the Allagash must plan for untamed wilderness when making a journey into this part of Maine; you ready?

  • Family Fishing Vacations at Weatherby's

    Family Fishing Trip

    Whether it’s your first cast or a memorable graduation adventure, your family fishing trip should be unforgettable. Let us help you do that!

  • Mahoosuc Dog Sledding Experince

    Dog Sled Adventure

    Sun-dappled snow silently whizzes by. Only the pawing of dogs over the snowpack, some yips and your pounding heart are audible. Exciting huh?

  • Northern Canoe Trail Family Trip

    Northern Forest Canoe Trail

    Experience New England’s most magnificent canoeing and kayaking in Maine. From serene flatwater paddling to deeply-wooded wilderness. Get your paddle and go.