Our Mission

Maine Woods Discovery is a standards-based cooperative marketing initiative designed to position the Maine Woods region as a top quality travel destination. Maine Woods Discovery members promote high-quality vacation experiences and the advancement of best practices within the region’s tourism industry. Maine Woods Discovery is a project of the Maine Woods Consortium coordinated by the Northern Forest Center.

The Maine Woods Discovery Core Commitments 

  1. Provide authentic outdoor and cultural experiences in the Maine Woods region, with activities supported by highly qualified guides, instructors and interpreters.
  2. Deliver excellent service in every aspect of the visitor’s experience.
  3. Support our communities.
  4. Provide well-maintained facilities and equipment that are clearly described in promotional materials and meet highest industry standards.
  5. Commit to environmentally responsible operations, conservation of the forest landscape, and respect for private forest landowners.
  6. Commit to meet or exceed applicable industry safety standards.