Red River Camps

Red_River_Cabin_150x150A visit to Red River Camps, deep in Maine’s North Woods, offers attractions and activities you won’t find anywhere else in Maine (or maybe the world).

Red River Camps is a gem dating back to the 19th century, set amid striking geological features that yield fishing, hunting, paddling, hiking, wildlife-watching, birding and family time second to none.

Start your morning sipping coffee on your cabin’s front porch and listening to the loons on Island Pond, while keeping an eye out for moose, bears, and foxes.

Explore a network of deep glacial ponds that offer fly-fishing, spincasting, and trolling opportunities for native and wild brook trout and rare Arctic charr. Autumn hunters, looking for ruffed grouse and moose, will enjoy ample success in our abundant woods and along hundreds of miles of historic and modern logging roads.

Don’t forget your hiking shoes! Our exceptional trail network ranges from easy to strenuous, shorelines to mountains, beaches to waterfalls. Some trails follow historic roads; others will have you scrambling to summit one of our three mountains, Deboullie, Gardner, or Black.

Speaking of Deboullie, this is one of Maine’s most fascinating features. The name is an Americanization of the French geology term d’eboulis—“of the talus slope.” Talus is rock that’s crumbled off a cliff and tumbled down. Our talus contain rare geology that includes pink granite and white feldspar, and rare plants such as the tiny Arctic sandwort. Atop Deboullie Mountain, a 50-foot historic fire tower takes hikers to a spectacular view above the treeline.

At Deboullie Pond, you’ll enjoy small ice caves that pockmark the north shore. And at night, be sure to look up. Our light-pollution-free night sky is perfect for viewing the Milky Way and Aurora Borealis.

Red River is at the heart of the real world—rural Maine at its finest.

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