There is no “crunch” like that first step you take out onto the snowy path of an afternoon of snowshoeing. Novice and experts like will agree that there is a somewhat primal thrill that comes over you as you set out across a field and into the woods for an hour or two of trekking in the snow. Plus, spotting nature stripped bare of its leaves and layered in with snow and ice changes your perspective. But bundle up, winter in the woods is colder than you think.

When you head out onto the snow you may be a goal in mind—get to the next hut, a warm blanket and a hot meal; or it may just be to get out into nature after a few days inside so you can shake off cabin fever. Sometimes the time out there lets you see things in a whole new light. Snowshoeing is also fantastic cardiovascular exercise, a few hours on the snow will let you splurge after dinner.

Don’t be a lone wolf

It is a good idea to rely on local Information; many of our providers are ideally situated to give you the experience of a lifetime and have worked snowshoeing into their packages or offer it as a regular activity. They also can offer local information on attractions that might enhance your experience 

We always encourage visitors who plan to snowshoe to find out ahead of coming how the conditions are when they plan to arrive. Also, when you do head out, be certain to get a trail map, stay on the trail, check your gear and most important of all; let someone on the staff of your provider know that you are headed out and the general direction you’re going in. Lastly, if you can avoid it, don’t be a lone wolf and go out on the trail alone. Besides, the adventure is always better when you have someone to share it with.

Providers offering Snowshoeing:

These Maine Woods Discovery providers offer access to snowshoeing as an activity, some may offer equipment for free or for a fee, please contact them directly for more information on snowshoeing and snowshoeing equipment you may need.

Appalachian Mountain Club
Mahoosuc Guide Service
Maine Huts & Trails
New England Outdoor Center
Northern Outdoors